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Our human body consists of trillions of cells. Each of them serving a specific function. As with all complex ‘machines‘, at times our body breaks down of its own accord or due to external stimuli. When that happens – the road to recovery can be challenging. And it can be a slow, long and painful process, sometimes even discouraging. The question “How to Be Running without Knee Pain?” is looking for answers which the REJUVENATOR PLATINUM ***** EXTERNAL HEART machine delivers: One device – many applications with many benefits some of which may seem out of this world. It is the most luxurious and most effective multi-function intermittent vacuum therapy device available today, combined with functions of pressotherapy lymphatic drainage, as well as photobiostimulation.


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How much does this pressotherapy lymph drainage machine cost?

Is it reasonable to use lymphatic drainage machines instead of the human touch?

Lymphatic drainage machines work to increase both the inflow and outflow of lymph from different parts of the body and are a very fast and efficient way to recover from infections. These include getting rid of toxins, harmful metabolites, fatty acids, and infection-fighting white cells. Boosting the immune systems rapidly that way helps to revive the buildup of lactic acid from muscles all over the body. This therapy enhances the oxygen flow in the tissues of the body and minimizes the swelling and bloating by factor 20. Obviously using machines instead of manual massage therapy has proven to be much faster to achieve the desired effects.


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What to expect from this muscle recovery machine

inguinal lymph nodes and their function

The groups of lymph nodes consisting of inguinal lymph nodes lie below the inguinal ligament. They are devided into two categories, deep inguinal and superficial groups of lymph nodes. Each one divides into upper lateral, upper medial and lower vertical groups. The fasciae, skin and abdominal wall drain into the superficial inguinal group of lymph nodes. The upper medial group of the superficial inguinal lymph nodes drains the external genitalia, the anterior abdominal wall below the umbilicus, up to the perineum, and anal canal. The upper lateral group drains the buttock, the skin and fasciae of the upper part of the thigh, and even the lower part of the back. The skin and the fasciae of the lower limb is drained by the lower vertical group. Later the superficial lymph nodes drain into the deep inguinal lymph nodes. The deep inguinal lymph nodes drain not only the deep lymphatics of the lower limb along with the glans penis but also the superficial inguinal nodes. All deep nodes ultimately drain towards the external iliac group of lymph nodes.


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What are the benefits of this lymphatic drainage machine?

Report on the effectiveness of IVT on patients with lymphatic congestion:

Over 2,000 patients have been treated with the medical grade version of the Rejuvenator-Platinum, Vacumed that uses the same vacuum technology as the Rejuvenator-Platinum. The treatment parameters were: 21 sec. negative pressure from -35 to -40 mbar ./. 7 sec. athomosphere. The average treatment time was 20 minutes. The therapy consisted of 12 treatments in average within 2 weeks. The success rate was 90 %. As a result there was an increase of lymph from periphery to center, an increase of capacity of lymph flow and a reduction of circumference. (Campisi, Corradino - President of the International Association of Lymphology in Genova, Italy)


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What is the best rejuvenation hardware?

The effects of alternating positive and negative pressure:

The negative pressure phase invokes capillary dilation and capillarization. The physiological response is an improvement of blood circulation in the periphery and musculature (micro perfusion) and an infiltration of venous blood and lymphatic liquid. The positive pressure phase promotes venous back flow and improved lymph flow. By alternating both - positive and negative pressure - the total flow increases, neurons get stimulated, more oxygen gets into the cells and it increases and protects capillarization.


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Does a cellulite reduction machine really work?

IVT relevant in angiology and phlebology:

Since different treatment methods promote different reflexes during intermittent vacuum therapy, IVT can be used to trigger various specific responses.An extension of the normal pressure stages is used to stimulate arterial perfusion. An extension of the negative pressure phases is used to increase backflow of venous blood and lymph. (Goswami N et al., 2008) "Past Protocols and Technical Consideration for Experimental Design".


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Which photobiomodulation devices can help you rejuvenate and recover?

The full scope of rehabilitation

Rehabilitation plays an important role of universal health coverage and is a key component for achieving sustainable development where one significant goal is to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at any age. Globally, about 2.4 billion people are currently living with a condition that benefits from rehabilitation. With changes taking place in health and the characteristics of populations worldwide, it is estimated that the need for rehabilitation is only going to increase in the future. Rehabilitation is not only for people with long-term or physical impairments, but it also represents a core service for anyone with an acute or chronic health condition impacting a broad range of conditions in a very positive way, including but not limited to acute or chronic diseases, illnesses or injuries, impairment that limits functioning. It has the potential to complement medical and surgical interventions, helping to achieve the best outcome possible.


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Which is the best cellulite machine?

The overwhelming benefits of red LED light

Red LED lights were first tested on human skin in the late nineties, and scientists discovered the beneficial effects of red light which also helps human skin cells grow faster. This discovery has led to red LED light deployment for damaged skin and conditions including but not limited to acne, irritated rosacea-plagued skin, psoriasis, age spots and wrinkles. LEDs were NASA’s first choice for red light therapy when it implemented this technique on space missions around the year 2000. NASA decided in favour of this technology for its low energy requirements, as well as its light weight and low heat emission. Red light targets the part of the cells responsible for energy production which is also known as mitochondria and speeds up the process. As a consequence the gums are receding, red light enables more circulation and regeneration of the healthy tissue. Furthermore red light lets the user benefit from the so much-coveted hygienic factor. Scientists discovered that the red light eliminates harmful bacteria that would otherwise compromise health. The light stimulates blood circulation and as a result it increases lymphatic system activity that promotes draining the interstitial fluid from tissues and transports white blood cells to areas where it is needed. It is safe to say that red light assists in cellular cleanup to accelerate the reduction of inflammation.


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How much does this cellulite massage machine cost?

Lymph vessels are the channels of the lymph

Lymph travels throughout the body via dedicated highways called lymphatic vessels. All lymph vessels lead to lymph nodes. Similar to arteries or veins that carry blood throughout the human body, lymph vessels are distinct. The flow of lymph is much slower than the flow of blood as lymph has no pump (the heart). Therefore lymph has to be flown. Lymph vessels surround each organ and make a special meshwork that wraps the skin. When the lymph vessels start very tiny they are called the initial lymphatic. Over seventy percent of the initial lymphatics are under or in the skin. The structure of the initial lymphatic is a one cell thick layer. Collagen and elastin fibers enforce those cells within the connective tissue and assist to keep them in place. The filaments transform the wall of the initial lymphatic and opens it up once the pressure within the interstitial zone rises due to a buildup of fluid, or stretching of the skin. When the interstitial fluid then flows in and starts to move along the channel it is called lymph. The lymph system filters between two and three litres of lymph per day. This is crucial because it helps to eliminate proteins that are too big to return through the capillary wall. (Guyton and Hall, Human Physiology and Mechanisms of Disease, sixth edition, W.B Saunders Company, Philadelphia, 1997, page 139). The spaces that open in the initial lymphatic are four to six times larger than the gaps in the capillaries. To avoid swelling or edema removing protein is important because they draw water to themselves, so excess protein in the interstitial spaces has to be prevented. The lymph vessels also serve cleaning by collecting waste products, viruses, dead cells, bacteria, fats, inorganic substances, and water. After the lymph has entered the initial lymphatic, the lymph moves into the pre-collector which is a larger vessel, and then into even larger collectors, the diameter of which ranges from 100 to 600 microns. To ensure that the lymph only moves in one direction these vessels possess one way valves every 6- 20 mm. Around 4 to 5 afferent vessels transport lymph towards the lymph nodes, they open on the convex surface of the lymph node.



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