Sports Rehabilitation New Rehabilitation Technology

Sports Rehabilitation ~ New Rehabilitation Technology

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As far as Sports Rehabilitation is concerned just imagine the impact of opening and clearing the body systems all the way down to the cellular level, as well as letting go non-beneficial patterns. A new cycle gets initiated with the replication of stronger cells morphing into healthier tissues, which actively maintain fairly stable conditions necessary for wellness, health, peak performance and beauty despite age or history. All of this thanks to a one of a kind machine, the REJUVENATOR PLATINUM ***** EXTERNAL HEART.


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Lymph capillaries - your most important network

The lymph capillaries are very fine vessels that shape a tremendous network throughout the human body. They begin as blind sacs in the gaps between the cells and carry the leaked tissue fluid along with the cell debris. The lymph flows through the lymph nodes that filter it of foreign particles like virus and bacteria and ultimately returns to the bloodstream.


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Improved arterial perfusion and capillarisation

Prof. J.P. Belgrado at the University of Brussels, Institute Research Lymphologiegue in Belgium has done research what could be measured. He found that different frequencies cause different physiological reactions. On an arterial level thermography has shown an increase of arterial perfusion and capillarisation. On a venous level Doppler / Duplex Sonography has shown an increase of venous backflow. Impedance measurement, sonography and lymphoflouroscopy confirmed a lymphatic drainage. The Rejuvenator-Platinum provides automated preset programs for different purposes and benefits by combining both methods. Prof. Dr. med. Strauß, Angiology at the Dominikus Hospital in Düsseldorf, Germany noted an increase of acral pulse during the IVT treatment of chronic critical ischaemia with a 61 years old patient.


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Rejuvenator Platinum
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