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Our human body consists of trillions of cells. Each of them serving a specific function. As with all complex ‘machines‘, at times our body breaks down of its own accord or due to external stimuli. When that happens – the road to recovery can be challenging. And it can be a slow, long and painful process, sometimes even discouraging. The question “How to Reduce Pain after Bone Surgery?” is looking for answers which the REJUVENATOR PLATINUM ***** EXTERNAL HEART machine delivers: One device – many applications with many benefits some of which may seem out of this world. It is the most luxurious and most effective multi-function intermittent vacuum therapy device available today, combined with functions of pressotherapy lymphatic drainage, as well as photobiostimulation.


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Improved arterial perfusion and capillarisation

Prof. J.P. Belgrado at the University of Brussels, Institute Research Lymphologiegue in Belgium has done research what could be measured. He found that different frequencies cause different physiological reactions. On an arterial level thermography has shown an increase of arterial perfusion and capillarisation. On a venous level Doppler / Duplex Sonography has shown an increase of venous backflow. Impedance measurement, sonography and lymphoflouroscopy confirmed a lymphatic drainage. The Rejuvenator-Platinum provides automated preset programs for different purposes and benefits by combining both methods. Prof. Dr. med. Strauß, Angiology at the Dominikus Hospital in Düsseldorf, Germany noted an increase of acral pulse during the IVT treatment of chronic critical ischaemia with a 61 years old patient.


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The effects of alternating positive and negative pressure:

The negative pressure phase invokes capillary dilation and capillarization. The physiological response is an improvement of blood circulation in the periphery and musculature (micro perfusion) and an infiltration of venous blood and lymphatic liquid. The positive pressure phase promotes venous back flow and improved lymph flow. By alternating both - positive and negative pressure - the total flow increases, neurons get stimulated, more oxygen gets into the cells and it increases and protects capillarization.



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IVT relevant in angiology and phlebology:

Since different treatment methods promote different reflexes during intermittent vacuum therapy, IVT can be used to trigger various specific responses.An extension of the normal pressure stages is used to stimulate arterial perfusion. An extension of the negative pressure phases is used to increase backflow of venous blood and lymph. (Goswami N et al., 2008) "Past Protocols and Technical Consideration for Experimental Design".


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Which red wavelengths absorb into cells and stimulate mitochondria

Using red light therapy is a safe and effective way to obtain a variety of health and skin benefits. The lack of UV rays makes red light therapy perfect for measurable skin improvements. Research has shown that there are five synergetic wavelengths of red and near-infrared light that address various cosmetic treatment areas. Those five ideal wavelengths are 630 nm, 660 nm, 810 nm, 830 nm, and 850 nm. Scientific studies have shown the correlation between red light and cellular activity. These wavelengths trigger the mitochondria to produce adenosine triphosphate, which is the primary cellular gasoline. Short daily periods of exposure to low levels of red or near-infrared light provide those benefits. However when you overdo it higher energy levels can cause tissue injury therefore less is more otherwise you may end up suffering from significantly more associated pain. Lower energy levels delivered via multiple pathways over the skin trigger a better result with greater comfort. Finding that sweet spot is important because too much red light may damage or irritate the skin tissue, on the other hand not enough red light may not generate the results desired. Setting the right duration is crucial so that when falling asleep you don't risk any burns. With proper dosage and careful use, red light therapy certainly is a worthwhile rejuvenating routine. It fights inflammation and delivers tremendous anti-aging skin benefits.


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Lymph capillaries - your most important network

The lymph capillaries are very fine vessels that shape a tremendous network throughout the human body. They begin as blind sacs in the gaps between the cells and carry the leaked tissue fluid along with the cell debris. The lymph flows through the lymph nodes that filter it of foreign particles like virus and bacteria and ultimately returns to the bloodstream.



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The impact of IVT on Nitric Oxide (NO) release:

The medical grade version of the Rejuvenator-Platinum has shown that nerve impluses and shear forces are provoked in every IVT application.

  • Neuronal stimulation of endothelial cells via Vacumed (the medical grade version of the Rejuvenator-Platinum) was scientifically confirmed by Prof. Orlietsky from Moscow at the IVT Symposium 2016 in Barcelone, Spain.
  • Shearforces in the entire interstitium lead to the formation of collateral vessels. It is a known effect of the IVT.



How much does this athlete recovery machine cost?

Report on the effectiveness of IVT on patients with lymphatic congestion:

Over 2,000 patients have been treated with the medical grade version of the Rejuvenator-Platinum, Vacumed that uses the same vacuum technology as the Rejuvenator-Platinum. The treatment parameters were: 21 sec. negative pressure from -35 to -40 mbar ./. 7 sec. athomosphere. The average treatment time was 20 minutes. The therapy consisted of 12 treatments in average within 2 weeks. The success rate was 90 %. As a result there was an increase of lymph from periphery to center, an increase of capacity of lymph flow and a reduction of circumference. (Campisi, Corradino - President of the International Association of Lymphology in Genova, Italy)



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The full scope of rehabilitation

Rehabilitation plays an important role of universal health coverage and is a key component for achieving sustainable development where one significant goal is to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at any age. Globally, about 2.4 billion people are currently living with a condition that benefits from rehabilitation. With changes taking place in health and the characteristics of populations worldwide, it is estimated that the need for rehabilitation is only going to increase in the future. Rehabilitation is not only for people with long-term or physical impairments, but it also represents a core service for anyone with an acute or chronic health condition impacting a broad range of conditions in a very positive way, including but not limited to acute or chronic diseases, illnesses or injuries, impairment that limits functioning. It has the potential to complement medical and surgical interventions, helping to achieve the best outcome possible.


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