How To Get In Shape Vacuum Massage Machine

How To Get In Shape ~ Vacuum Massage Machine

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As far as How To Get In Shape is concerned just imagine the impact of opening and clearing the body systems all the way down to the cellular level, as well as letting go non-beneficial patterns. A new cycle gets initiated with the replication of stronger cells morphing into healthier tissues, which actively maintain fairly stable conditions necessary for wellness, health, peak performance and beauty despite age or history. All of this thanks to a one of a kind machine, the REJUVENATOR PLATINUM ***** EXTERNAL HEART.

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How much is this body contouring machine?



Can the battle against aging be won?

The Rejuvenator provides programs using Pressotherapy which is a relaxing and invigorating compression therapy system, designed to help win the battle against cellulite and body aging. Pressotherapy is 800 times stronger than a manual massage, which can make it the perfect treatment to follow and post-op invasive treatments to enhance the results overall. The Rejuvenator is a most popular multi-function weight-loss device, combined with functions of far-infrared fat dissolving, air-pressure pressotherapy lymphatic drainage, as well as low-frequency stimulation and vacuum therapy.

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The impact of IVT on Nitric Oxide (NO) release:

The medical grade version of the Rejuvenator-Platinum has shown that nerve impluses and shear forces are provoked in every IVT application.

  • Neuronal stimulation of endothelial cells via Vacumed (the medical grade version of the Rejuvenator-Platinum) was scientifically confirmed by Prof. Orlietsky from Moscow at the IVT Symposium 2016 in Barcelone, Spain.
  • Shearforces in the entire interstitium lead to the formation of collateral vessels. It is a known effect of the IVT.


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